20 November 1916 – At it again

The death of Oswald Boelcke does not appear to have dampenendhte enthusiasm of Jasta 2, as they claimed a another two victims today.

Just after dawn  this morning 15 Squadron RFC were sent up to carry out reconnaissance. A strong westerly wind was blowing. The Squadron was jumped by 5 Albatrosses from Jasta 2, and  the strong wind made fleeing impossible.

Lieutenant Thomas Henry Clarke and 2nd Lieutenant James Lees in their BE2c (2767) engaged the enemy but eventually they were forced down with a damaged engine and Lees hit in the leg.   They landed behind enemy lines and were taken prisoner.  Oberleutnant Stefan Kirmaier claims to have shot them down.

Gilbert Sudbury Hall

Gilbert Sudbury Hall

Later in the afternoon, Jasta 2 were on patrol again when they came across FE2b’s from 18 Squadron. Manfred von Richthofen shot down 2nd Lieutenants Gilbert Sudbury Hall and George Doughty in 4848. Doughty was killed and Hall severely wounded and taken prisoner.



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