16 November 1916 – Bü

The pace of air fighting picked up again today on the Western Front. As before, however, , the German air forces have avoided crossing the lines. This is partially due to their inferior numbers and partially due to the wish to ensure that their superior technology does not fall into enemy hands. In a dogfight, however, it’s not always easy to know exactly where you are, and survival takes precedence over secrecy.

The British claimed to have shot or driven down ten enemy aircraft for the loss of six aircraft and five aircrew killed. The most significant of these was the Albatross DI of Leutnant Karl Büttner from Jasta 2. He must have got a bit lost today as he was forced down near Pommier by Captain George Alec Parker & 2nd Lieutenant Hamilton Elliott Hervey of 8 Squadron RFC in their BE2d. Parker landed nearby and captured a virtually undamaged example of the new fighter – the first to fall into British hands. Büttner was unharmed and taken prisoner.

The captured Albatross

The captured Albatross


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