8 November 1916 – More crashes

Poor weather reduced flying to a minimum today on the Western Front. Three more pilots, however, were killed in accidents back in England.

Flight Sub-Lieutenant William Stewart Stewart, RNAS, aged 19 was killed in a crash at the RNAS training school, at Cranwell in an Avro 504B (1049).

Meanwhile at RFC Hounslow, Lieutenant John Alfred Davy, aged 18, from 19 Reserve Squadron RFC was flying his DH1 (4621) at around 400ft when the aircraft suddenly dived seemingly out of control, into a shed. Davy suffered a fractured skull and severe burns and was killed.

Finally, Captain Richard Bentham, aged 21 was flying a DH2 (5982) at 2000ft Central Flying School at Upavon when he entered a storm cloud. Shortly after this his engine stopped and the aircraft was seen tumbling over and over. Close to the ground, the engine kicked in again and the aircraft started to climb only for the engine to fail again. The aircraft then crashed into the ground and Bentham was killed.


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