3 November 1916 – Former Cabinet Minister killed

Auberon Thomas Herbert, 9th Baron Lucas and 5th Lord Dingwall, was killed today. Having served in a number of minor posts, Lucas was appointed to the Cabinet in August 1914 as Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. He lost his job following the formation of the coalition Government in May 1915. He then joined the RFC, flying first with 14 Squadron RFC in Egypt. He joined 22 Squadron on 22 October 1916.

Captain Lucas was leading an escort to reconnaissance over Bancourt-Haplincourt-Bus-Lechelles, flying with his observer Lieutenant Alexander Anderson. They were attacked by three enemy aircraft and Lucas was hit in the head and leg, and fell unconscious. Anderson was able to crash land the aircraft (7026) behind enemy lines and was taken prisoner. Lucas never recovered and died of his wounds later in the day.

The rest of 22 Squadron took a bit of a beating as well, and two others were lost.
Captain Alan John Macdonald Pemberton and 2nd Lieutenant Leslie Clude Leech Cook were attacked by enemy aircraft in 5250 and shot down. On landing they crashed into an enemy kite balloon on the ground which burst into flames. Cook was lucky to survive the crash with a severe wrist wound and was taken prisoner. Pemberton was killed.

2nd Lieutenants William Eyles Knowlden and Bernard William Arthur Ordish were forced down behind enemy lines when their aircraft (6374) was hot in the engine. Knowlsden was wounded and both men were taken prisoner.


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