30 October 1916 – Masaid

1 Squadron Australian Flying Corps has been operating in the Sinai Desert since March 1916. The British have designated the Squadrons 67 Squadron RFC (Australian), though this not much used locally.

The Squadron has for most of this time been operating obsolete aircraft such as the BE2. Some welcome reinforcements arrived on 16 October in the form of Martinsyde G100 single seat fighters. These are much faster than the BE2 and also have a forward firing machine gun.  Given that desert tends to sap the already poor performance of the BE2s, these were a welocome addition.

Today, ‘C’ Flight, commanded by Captain Richard Williams set off to photograph enemy positions at Masaid near El Arish.


Muir and Williams

Williams flew with Lieutenant Vivian Paul Turner as observer in a BE2,  and Lieutenants Stanley Keith Muir and Percy Ainsworth took another BE2. Lieutenant William James Yule Guilfoyle escorted them in the flight’s single Martinsyde.

All in all, the mission was a success as twenty photographs of Masaid were taken. No enemy aircraft were encountered.


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