20 October 2016 – 11 Squadron mauled again

Following their mauling on the 17th, 11 Squadron were up again on photo reconniassance as the weather cleared. Once again they were attacked on the way back, this time just six aircraft from Jasta 2. The results were the same though with two aircraft lost.

Oswald Boelcke claimed his 36th victory when he shot down Lieutenant Robert Parsons Harvey and Lieutenant George Keith Welsford in their FE2b (7674) near Achicourt. The plane crashed on the British side of the lines and Both men were wounded.

2nd Lieutenant Normran Rausch De Pomeroy and 2nd Lt William Black were also shot down near Douai In their Fe2b (4867)  Pomeroy was killed and Black tried to climb into the cockpit to get control of the aircraft. IT crashed behind the lines and Black was taken prisoner. First aid from German soldiers likely saved him. Leutnant Ernst Bohme also from Jasta 2 claimed the victory but it is unclear if this is the case.


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