17 October 1916 – Fine weather equals combat

The fine weather on the Western Front continues from yesterday.  This means that air activity continued apace.

11 Squadron was carrying out photo-reconniassance over Mory when it was attacked by 20 aircraft from Jastas 1, 2 and 5. Two of their FE2bs were shot down in the fight. 2nd Lieutenants Cecil Leon Roberts and James Lewis Pulleyn crashed 6965. Roberts survived and was taken prisoner but Pulleyn was killed. Their colleagues Lieutenant William Powell Bowman and 2nd Lieutenant George Clayton were also shot down and killed in 7670. Oswald Boelcke (Jasta 2) and G Leffers (Jasta 1) both claimed the former, whilst the lattter was also disputed by Leutnant R Theiler (Jasta 5) and S Kirmaier (Jasta 2).

In return 11 Squadron claimed two enemy aircraft. Captain James Ernest Price and 2nd Lieutenant Frederick Libby claimed a Aviatik and 2nd Lieutenants Herbert Henry Turk and Gerald Allen claimed a Roland.

Earlier in the day 2nd Lieutenants John Kilgour Parker and John Cooper-Wilson from 23 Squadron were also shot down in their FE2b (4866) while fighting an attack by 10 enemy machines

Finally, 2nd Lieutenant CC Godwin and Lieutenant Philip Challinor Ellis were hit by AA fire in their Nieuport 20. Both men were killed.  


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