17 October 1916 – Testing

Not every pilot has gone straight into service with the RFC or RNAS. The plethora of companies designing aircraft in the hope of winning contacts means there are plenty of openings for pilots willing to test fly these new machines.

cba055c6-a0ab-49d2-a54d-19662206bb30-5434-000005f1f9382d8b_tmpOne of these, 20 year old John Lankester Parker joined Shorts today to test fly a batch of their latest bombers – a land based derivative of the Shorts Type 184.

He gained his first flying experience as a pilot and instructor flying for the Northern Aircraft Company’s Seaplane School based in Windermere, where he flew, first as a pupil and then as an instructor, between 1914 and 1916. There he met Murray Sueter and Ronald Kemp the chief test pilot at Shorts.




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