16 October 1916 – All noise on the Western Front

The fine weather returned this morning and aircraft from both sides were out in force.

Early in the day, Flight Sergeant Fred Barton and Lieutenant Edward Mervyn Carre from 15 Squadron were on patrol over Hebuterne when then ran into 5 aircraft from Jasta 2.  Their BE2c was shot up by Ostv Reimann and they crashed between the lines.. Their aircraft was shelled  and both were killed.

Seven BE12s from 19 Squadron RFC carried out a bombing raid on Ruyaulcourt and Hermies station and aerodrome this afternoon. On the way back they were attacked a a group of pilots from Jasta 2. 2nd Lieutenant John Thompson was shot down in 6580 and killed by Leutnant Manfred von Richthofen for his 5th victory. Captain Cecil Robert Tidwell was also shot down and killed, this time by Leutnant Jürgen Sandel.

Later in the afternoon the RFC suffered three more losses. First 2nd Lieutenant Valentine Francis Herbert Hugill and Lieutenant Archibald Douglas from 42 Squadron, suffered a direct hit on their BE2e (7107) from AA fire and crashed 1,000 yards behind German lines. Both men were killed.

Robert Tidswell

Robert Tidswell

2nd Lieutenants Charles Moore-Kelly and Thomas Gibbs Gordon Sturrock from 1 Squadron suffered engine failure in their Morane BB (A137) and were seen descending. VItzfeldwebel Alfred Ulmer from Jasta 8 may have helped them on their was as he later claimed victory. Either way they crashed behind enemy lines. Kelly was wounded and taken prisoner but Sturrock was killed.

Finally, at around the same time, B Flight of 24 Squadron was jumped by Jastas 2 and 5. Lieutenant Patrick Anthony Langan-Byrne DSO was shot down in his DH2 (5818).  The victory was claimed by Oswald Boelcke and Hans Muller. Boelcke wrote of the encounter:

Langan- Byrne

Langan- Byrne

‘We went into some fine turns. The English leader – with streamers on his machine – came just right for me, I settled him with my first attack; apparently the pilot was killed, for the machine spun down..’

Byrne had scored 10 victories to date including an Albatross earlier in the day.


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