10 October 1916 – Frenzy

The general inactivity of the last few days was broken today when fine weather appeared. It seems everyone was itching for some action as a large number of offensive patrols went up.

In the afternoon a large combat broke out over Velu aerodrome, east of Bapaume, between 11, 24, and 70 Squadrons RFC and Jastas 1 and 2.

Flight Sergeant Ernest Haxton and Corporal Bertie Frederick George Jeffs of 11 Squadron were shot down in flames in their FE2b (6992). Both were killed. Their 11 Squadron colleagues 2nd Lieutenant Robert Parsons Harvey & Lieutenant Frederick Libby claim to have shot down an enemy aircraft.

Sergeant Stanley Cockerell from 24 Squadron was wounded and had the petrol tank of his DH2 (A2556) shot through. He managed to limp back over the lines.

His 25 Squadron colleagues 2nd Lieutenant Morton Hayne and Lieutenant AHM Copeland were not so lucky. They were shot down in FE2b (4292) with Vitzfeldwebel F Kosmahl and Oberleutnant Neubeger of FAb22 making the claim.  Hayne was killed and Copeland wounded and taken prisoner

Lieutenant  John Bennett Lawton and 2nd Lieutenant Francis Matt Lawledge from 70 Squadron were forced down by Leutnant H Imelmann of Jasta 2. They crashed their Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter (A382) near Lagincourt. Lawton was taken prisoner but Lawledge died of his wounds.

2nd Lieutenants Charles Edward Ward and FC Corry from 70 Squadron were also in the fight in their 1 1/2 Strutter, but got away with Corry wounded.


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