7 October 1916 – Fenwick Falls

The weather lifted a bit today and RFC units left as usual on observation and photographic patrols. The improved weather of course meant that German aircraft were also back in the air on patrol. Conditions were difficult, however, and a strong westerly wind slowed those trying to return back over the lines to a virtual standstill.

William Cecil Fenwick

William Cecil Fenwick

21 Squadron was on an observation patrol at 0910 this morning when they were attacked by aircraft from Jastas 2 and 5. Leutnant Manfred Von Richthofen in his Albatross DII (491/16) poured 400 bullets into the BE12 (6618) of 2nd Lieutenant William Cecil Fenwick. He crashed near Equancourt and was killed. It is Richthofen’s fourth victory.

His colleague, Lieutenant James Aitchison Stewart was shot up in his BE12 (6564) and wounded, most likely by Oberleutnant Hans Berr the commander of Jasta 5, but was able to nurse his aircraft back over the lines to crash land at 18 Squadron’s aerodrome. This was also Berr’s fourth victory.


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