6 October 1916 – Meanwhile in Africa

The RFC continues to support the British campaign in German East Africa.

The going is difficult, however, as supplies have to be moved by road from the railhead at Korogwe where the Advanced Aircraft Park is based.

Frederick William Bowhill

Frederick William Bowhill

On the 8th of August 1916 Squadron Commander Frederick William Bowhill and a party of officers and men arrived, after service in Mesopotamia, as reliefs for Squadron Commander Cull’s unit, which embarked for England four days later. On 31 August, the squadron had moved to Morogoro some 200 miles from Korogwe. At this point they only had three elderly Henri Farmans left. The convoys which transported the supplies from Korogwe had many adventures, the personnel having at times to reconstruct bridges washed away by the floods, rebuild culverts, cut alternative paths through the bush, and corduroy long stretches of old track.

On 18 September, ‘B’ Flight was transferred to Morogoro from Korogwe and took over the B.E.2c’s of ‘C’ Flight. ‘C’ Flight went to Dar-es-Salaam, where it arrived on the 25th. In October, half of ‘B’ Flight moved from Morogoro to Tulo, seventy miles farther south. The going was so bad it took the transport five days to complete the move. Yesterday, two B.E.2c’s flew to the new aerodrome in just over an hour. It is expected that the squadron will carry out reconnaissances with occasional bomb-dropping and artillery observation.


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