1 October 1916 – 32 Squadron in action

32 Squadron were in the thick of the action today in their DH2s. Early this morning at around 0815, 2nd Lieutenant Gerald James King got into a dogfight with an enemy aircraft over Puiseaux and claimed to have shot it down in his DH2 (7892).


Hubert Jones

At around 0930, Captain Hubert Wilson Godfrey Jones and King got into fight – both machines were shot up. One hostile machine engaged by Jones was driven down emitting large clouds of smoke – this is possibly Leutnant R Herwarth Philipps of Jasta 2 who was reported killed over Beaulencourt, near Bapaume. Later at around 1115, Captains Herman Walter von Poellnitz and George Neville Martin and three other DH2s got into a fight over Baupame. Martin attacked one enemy aircraft and fired a drum at 100 yards range, the German dived followed by von Poellnitz who fired at a range of about 50 feet. The hostile machine dived steeply and appeared to be on fire.


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