28 September 1916 -Foot’s fourth

footCaptain Ernest Leslie Foot from 60 Squadron scored his fourth victory today when he shot down an Albatross two-seater over Avesnes Les Baupame. The victory was obtained in a SPAD VII (A253), the first issued to the RFC, which had arrived with the Squadron on 20 September for testing.

The SPAD VII is the result of the French government seeking  designs to take advantage of the new Hispano-Suiza 8A inline engine  The design was produced quickly by modifying the design for the unsuccessful SPAD SA pulpit fighter. The result was a strong, fast but not particularly manoevrable fighter, which made up for this by having a very fast dive speed – something the Nieuports were unable to replicate. The French had been flying the aircraft since early August and scored the first victory on 26 August.





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