27 September 1916 – 27 Squadron takes a battering


Henry Arthur Taylor

Six Martinsydes from 27 Squadron were on patrol near Baupame when they were jumped by five members of Jasta 2 including Oswald Boelcke.

Boelcke claimed two victims. The first was flight commander Captain Henry Arthur Taylor, who was just 18, in Martinsyde G102 (A1568) apparently “fell like a sack” after a brief fight and was killed in the crash. The second, 2nd Lieutenant Stephen Dendrino was shot dead in the cockpit of his Martinsyde G100 (7495). Boelcke wrote of the encounter:

“I said to myself, the fellow is long since dead, and the machine is flying so because its steering apparatus is fixed in the right position. I flew therefore quite close and saw the occupant, leaning over to the right, dead in his cockpit. So that I should know which of the machines I had shot down (surely it must go down), I noted the number 7495, left him, and took on the next. This one escaped fighting in circles towards the front, but as I once got close under him, I saw that my hits had ripped his fuselage. He also would have cause to remember the day.”

“The next” was either Lieutenant Bernard Valentine Seymour Smith in Martinsyde G102 (A1562) or 2nd Lieutenant Roy Williamson Chappell in Martinsyde G100 (7491). Smith was wounded , but both got back to their aerodrome despite being shot up.

On the plus side, Lieutenant Herbert Spanner claimed to have shot down a “very fast Nieuport type” in is Martinsyde G102 (1569).



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