25 September 1916 – Wintgens killed


Kurt Wintgens

Early Fokker Monoplane pilot and the first man to shoot down an enemy aircraft using a synchronization gear, Kurt Wintgens, was killed today.

He was on patrol in his Fokker E.IV with his friend Walter Höhndorf. They came across French planes attacking a German two-seater and in the ensuing dogfight Wintgens was shot down, most probably by Alfred Heurteaux. Höhndorf noted that Wintgens’ plane had broken up under the impact of bullets and crashed in no man’s land. Wintgens was killed in the crash. This was Heurteaux’s eighth victory.


Alfred Heurteaux

At this point Wintgens had 19 confirmed victories. He fellow Fokker pioneer Otto Parschau had been killed on 21 July 1916.


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