12 September 1916 – Accidents Home and abroad

Despite the fact that the enemy is bringing on new superior aircraft, accidents still remain a major cause of casualties amongst British air crews.

Captain Frank Edward Goodrich MC of 60 Squadron was killed when his Morane N (A166) crashed carrying out a weather test. Just after take-off, the aircraft was turning at 200ft when it stalled and spun into the ground.

Oliver Hugh Ormerod

Oliver Hugh Ormerod

Meanwhile back in England at Gosport, Oliver Hugh Ormerod of 41 Squadron RFC was killed when his FE8 (6395) stalled on take-off. Onlookers reported that the machine rose with one wing down, probably due to insufficient flying speed, and at a height of 40 ft. the machine side-slipped and made a nosedive to the ground, Captain Ormerod suffered severe head injures. He had only received his wings a few weeks earlier

At Farnborough, Geoffrey Launcett Railton and Frederick Williams test pilots at the Royal Aircraft Factory were killed when the wings on their RE7 (2199) collapsed during flight. Those watching saw something go wrong with the right wing, and then the machine spiralled and corkscrewed to the ground.



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