9 September 916 – Davey saves the captain

The HMS Campania has spent a good bit of time up at Scapa Flow, at least nominally part of the Battle Fleet. Through a mixture of miscommunication and bad luck the ship missed the battle of Jutland, but neverltheless has spent its time rehearsing and practicing.

Reginald Argyle Davey

Reginald Argyle Davey

Today an unfortunate accident claimed the life of Flight Sub-Lieutenant Reginald Argyle Davey. He was up in the gondola of the balloon with the Captain of the Campania, Commander Oliver Schwann. The cable tethering the balloon to the ship snapped and the balloon was blown away from the ship and soon crashed into the sea.

Apparently Schwann’s lifebelt failed to inflate and Davey gave his to Schwann. Davey subsequently drowned.


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