10 August 1916 – Retreat From Romani

Following the failure of the Turkish offensive in the Sinai peninsuala, Turkish forces have been retreating eastwards from Romani.

With the Ben-my-Chree in dock spotting duties have fallen to the seaplane carrier Raven II (East Indies and Egypt Station Seaplane Squadron).

Early this morning, the two aircraft from the Raven II made spotting flights for the monitor M.21 while it bombarded a Turkish camp near Bir el Mazar on the coast road between Qantara and Arish.

One seaplane dropped four 20-lb. bombs on the camp to indicate its position to the monitor. A second plane carried out fire corrections, but soon after fire had been opened an enemy aeroplane attacked it and forced it down on the water.

It was taken in tow by the monitor and eventually hoisted back on board the Raven II

Enemy aeroplanes then appeared and bombed the carrier, but made no hits.


One thought on “10 August 1916 – Retreat From Romani

  1. sethspeirs Post author

    The official history recounts this event as hapening on 10 August, however, it is unclear if this is actually the case as the log for that say makes no mention of the seaplanes being out or any attack on the ship. The logs for the 11th do mention the ship being bombed however at around 0818 and 0840.



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