3 August 1916 – More Zeppelins

3 August 1916

L21 arrived over Wells-next-the-Sea at 11.55pm on the 31st and flew southward. Attracted by flares at RFC Thetford, she dropped five bombs there at 12.45am. An aircraft set up to inctercept had to retrun with engine trouble. The ship then flew eastwards dropping 4 bombs near the airfield at Covehithe without damage. L21 then headed out to sea at 1.35am.

L13 reached the coast at Bacton where mobile anti-aircraft guns engaged her. Following the coast L13 came inland at Happisburgh at 11.52pm. Initially it headed south, dropping bombs at Panxworth, Mundham, Grange Farm, Ditchingham and Earsham. At Earsham L13 turned west, releasing three bombs over Shelton and seven at Tacolneston. More followed at Fundenhall, and Wymondham. From there L13 circled around villages south of Norwich for 10 minutes before passing west of that city and steering towards the coast where she exited between Bacton and Mundesley at 2.10am.

L16 came inland over Hemsby at 12.25am. She flew an erratic course to the south-west and west, as though searching for something but clearly never found it. Three bombs fell at Long Stratton at 1.10am, shortly after which L16 turned back to the north-east, appearing over Ashby St. Mary at 1.35am and dropping five bombs. L.16 then returned to the coast and flew out over Great Yarmouth at 2.10am.


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