3 August 1916 – 60 Squadron withdrawn

Despite being in the field barely a month, 60 Squadron has been withdrawn due to heavy losses including its Squadron Commander Ferdy Waldron, two Flight Commanders and eight others killed and three wounded.

John Anthony Ninian Ormsby

The latest losses came yesterday when John Anthony Ninian Ormsby and his observer Henry Joseph Newton were shot down in their Morane BB (5177) by German ace Kurt Wintgins, though British authorities claim it was AA fire. Ormsby was seriously wounded and Newton killed. In the same engagement, Sergeant Alexander Walker and Lyonel Latimer Clark were shot down in another Morane BB (5181) and killed by Leutnant W Frank.

The final straw was the loss of 2nd Lieutenant Claude Alward Ridley who failed to return from a spy drop in his Morane LA this evening.

Claude Alward Ridley


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