27 July 1916 – 70 Squadron at full strength

The third and final flight of 70 Squadron’s Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutters are on their way to the front. Such has been the desperation for new squadrons and in particular those with aircraft fitted with the new synchronisation gear, that 70 Squadron has arrived at the front piecemeal. The first flight arrived on 19 June, and the second on 1 July.

The officers of the third flight are:

Captains Ferdinand Goncalves Glenday and Hubert George Salmond
Lieutenants Edward William Burke and Donald Stewart
2nd Lieutenants Joseph Gustave Aronson, Alan John Bott, Robin Alvred Denne, L C Drenon, Arthur William Keen, John C Taylor, Jack Kill Tullis and Awdry Morris Vaucour

It is just as well, as another aircraft was lost today, as Lieutenants Leslie Charles Pockney and William Bell Saint smashed up their aircraft (5719) on landing from a reconnaissance over Cambrai.



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