22 July 1916 – I need more fighters

Poor weather once again reduced flying on the Western Front to a minimum. Since the start of the off3ensive on 1 July, the Officer Commanding RFC Hugh Trenchard has pursued offensive tactics in an attempt to deny the German’s control of the skies. THis has mostly been succesful, albeit at a cost in machines and aircrew.

Interrogated prisoners have spread rumours that Oswald Boelcke is back on the Western Front in the British sector.

Trenchard today wrote to the General Officeer Commanding British Expeditionary Force Douglas Haig that there had been a noticeable increase in German air activity over the last few days and that he believed the enemy was about to make an attempt to challenge the RFC’s superiority above the Somme battlefield.

Given this, he reiterated his message requesting more fighter squadrons to ensure superiorirty could ber maintained.

same time warned that he .



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