13 July 1916 – 27 Squadron bomb trains

Kenneth Pearson

Kenneth Pearson

27 Squadron arrived in France as a fighter escort squadron equipped with Martinsyde G100 “Elephants”. However experience with the Martinsyde soon showed that it is unsuitable for this role as it is too large, heavy and has poor manoeuvrability.

From 1 July, the Squadron has taken on new duties as day bombers as the aircraft has a good range and is able to carry 260lb of bombs. In that capacity, four pilots from 27 Squadron RFC bombed trains in on the Douai-Cambrai and Denain-Cambrai lines today.

The first of these, 2nd Lieutenant Henry Arthur Taylor, dropped his first bomb on a train heading North towards Douai but it failed to explode. He then waited on a second train pulling up to a junction and dropped his second bomb which narrowly missed the railway line but still managed to derail the front of the train and scattered nearby cavalry and troops. Lieutenant James Clifford Turner also bombed the first train with both exploding about 20 yards formt eh train without causing any damage.

2nd Lieutenant Kenneth Noble Pearson and Captain Owen Tudor Boyd dropped their bombs on a train near Iwuy on the Denain-Cambrai line. All four bombs exploded near to the train and although it stopped moving no damage appears to have been done. Captain Boyd then attacked the engine with machine-gun fire, but no damage resulted.

All four aircraft returned without damage.


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