6 July 1916 – Wear and tear

In German East Africa, 26 Squadron RFC has been incorporated, for administrative purposes into the Middle East Brigade formed under the command of Brigadier-General W. G. H. Salmond, to group all RFC units in Egypt, Salonika, Mesopotamia, and East Africa.

26 Squadron have been forced to use an aerodrome at Mbagui which is over 60 miles from the enemy positions at Kanaga and Nguru as there is no other level ground. They have made occasional bombing trips. Today, the air detachment at Mbagui was reinforced by ‘A’ Flight of the squadron from Mbuyuni with three Henri Farmans (with the favoured 140 horse-power Canton Unne engines).

These three were all that was left of eight aeroplanes that had arrived at the beginning of May. Owing to faulty material, they had to be rebuilt. One was crashed soon after arrival and there was only enough sound material for the complete reconstruction of three aeroplanes. Of 26 Squadron’s four remaining BE2c’s, one was wrecked today, leaving only six serviceable aeroplanes.


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