8 June 1916 – Albert Ball on patrol

Since being freed from the two-seaters, 2nd Lieutenant Albert Ball has shown an unusual determination to get at the enemy. He was up again early this morning carrying out a patrol in an attempt to add to his four victories. He was flying his favoured mount Nieuport 16 (5173) which had arrived with 11 Squadron on 29 March.

At around 0615 he was flying at around 7000ft over Mericourt he encountered an enemy Albatross and got of a few shots before his gun jammed. He flew off to clear the jam and then continued his patrol south eastwards encountering another Albatross about 15 minutes later over Acheville-Rouvoy. This one dived sharply to escape. Continuing northeast to Dourges, 10 minutes later he fought another enemy aircraft which he claimed to have driven down, but there was no confirmation of this. He then flew southeast again and climbed to 10,00ft. 20 minutes later he came across another Albatross near Douai which he again claimed to have driven down without confirmation. Finally he flew back westwards again to Rouvroy where he came across an LVG at around 3000ft he made to attack it but ran out of ammunition before scoring any hits.


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