7 June 1916 – Samson returns

Following the end of the Gallipoli campaign in January, the HMS Ben-My-Chree was transferred to Port Said and has been serving as the flagship of the East Indies and Egypt Seaplane Squadron. Charles Rumney Samson, who recently served as CO of 3 Wing RNAS in Gallipoli arrived on 14 May 1916 to take command of the ship.

In the meantime the British policy in the middle east has come to some fruition as an uprising of local Arabs against Turkish rule began on 5 June.

In support of this, the Ben-my-Chree sailed from Port Said on 2 June, through the Suez Canal, arriving at Aden today. She immediately unloaded her Short seaplane to carry out reconnaissance of the area in preparations for bomb attacks. The reports of this mission made it clear that the best objectives for the initial attacks were camps north of Lahej, and a camp and depot at Subar as well as other camps and trench and gun positions near Aden and on the island of Perim. The Squadron will start bombing tomorrow.


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