29 May 1916 – Reorganisation in the Aegean

At the end of May a scheme for the redistribution of British naval aircraft in the Aegean was approved by the Vice-Admiral. The policy on which the scheme was based was the provision of a suitable force of aircraft within striking distance of all points of the enemy coast from the Mesta river to Cape Alupo, the southern limit of the patrol area of the Eastern Mediterranean Squadron. The main bombing force was to be mobile in order that the maximum strength might be concentrated rapidly in any specified area. A new aerodrome was prepared on a dried-up marsh near Mudros to serve as a testing and instructional ground, and also as a departure point for the bombing squadron.  A repair base has also been started at the airship station at Mudros using lathes and other machines from various ships, and a bedded down motor lorry in concrete to drive the machines.

From the aerodrome which had been established on the western side of Thasos Island, the lines of communication on the flank of the Bulgarian army on the Macedonian front were open to attack from the air. A Flight, therefore, made up of three Henri Farmans, one Nieuport, and two Bristol Scouts, was sent to Thasos at the end of May from No. 2 Wing at Imbros and was joined by a Flight of Nieuports and Maurice Farmans of the French air service. The composite unit at Thasos, called ‘A’ Flight, was placed under Royal Naval Air Service command. When, at the beginning of July, the French detachment was withdrawn to Salonika, the seaplane unit at Stavros, which had completed its photographic survey, was transferred to Thasos to reinforce ‘A’ Flight.


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