25 May 1916 – 60 Squadron on its way

60 Squadron RFC began its trip by sea to France today from its base at Gosport. Normally new Squadrons for the front would fly their own aircraft over to France, but in this case the squadron is to be equipped with three types of Morane-Saulnier aircraft, the BB, L type ‘Parasol’ and N type ‘Bullet’. These are not built in Britain, and are to be collected from the aircraft park in St Omer once the squadron arrives there. This may cause some problems as the Bullet is notoriously difficult to fly.

In command of the Squadron is Major Francis Fitzgerald ‘Ferdy’ Waldron. One of Britain’s pioneer aviators, he made the first crossing of the island of Ireland from north to south in September 1913, and was one of the first RFC pilots in France with 2 Squadron following the outbreak of the war.

The flight commanders are Captains David Benjamin Gray, Robert Raymond Smith-Barry, Alfred Spencer Mason Summers, and Hugh Christopher Towers.

The flying officers are Lieutenants Norman Alexander Browning-Paterson, Robert Millington Knowles, Charles Frederick Algenon (“Peter”) Portal, JH Simpson and C Williams, and 2nd Lieutenants D’Urban Victor Armstrong, Harold Harrington Balfour, Alan Duncan Bell Irving, Walter Edward George Bryant, LL Clarke, Harry Good, SE Good, H Harris, JND Hoenan, George Douglas Fletcher Keddie, H Meinzes, Henry Joseph Newton, R O’Beirne, CF Overy, JL Reid, CA Ridley, and HG Smart


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