13 May 1916 – New aircraft arriving all the time

The insatiable demand for aircraft continues to inspire designers to refine existing designs and create new ones.

The RFC took possession today of the first Morane-Saulnier Type V. The aircraft is a development of the existing Type N “bullet” which is already serving with the RFC and the French Air Service. The main difference between the two is that the V has a larger engine and a larger fuel tank in response to RFC demands

Meanwhile the RFC are currently evaluating the Armstrong- Whitworth FK3 at Upavon. It is a very similar aircraft to the BE2c with a slightly better performance but a smaller useful load. It uses the 90hp RAF1 engine. Perhaps more importantly, the main difference is that it has a simplified structure that is easier to build – eliminating welded joints and complex metal components.

At the same time, the Armstrong-Whitworth Company are carrying out test flights of their FK7 aircraft which is being designed to replace the BE2c and the FK3. This is a sturdier aircraft than the FK3, with a larger fuselage and wings, and powered by a 160hp Beardmore engine. The type is also fitted with very basic dual controls, enabling the observer to control the aircraft in the event of the pilot becoming incapacitated by enemy action.


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