2 May 1916 – Nieuport 17

Hot on the heels of the Nieuport 16, the French have introduced the Nieuport 17 which came into service today with Escadrille N57.

The Nieuport 17 is a development of Nieuport 16, in itself a development of the earlier Nieuport 11. The Nieuport 16 has nose-heavy flying characteristics due to the larger 110 hp (82 kW) Le Rhône 9J engine.

The Nieuport 17 has the same engine, and to improve handling, the new aircraft has larger wings and an improved aerodynamic form.

The French also now have the Alkan-Hamy synchronization gear which means the wing mounted Lewis gun has been replaced with a synchronised Vickers gun mounted on the fuselage to fire through the propeller.


One thought on “2 May 1916 – Nieuport 17

  1. sethspeirs Post author

    Unfortunately, the standard Royal Flying Corps synchroniser, the Vickers-Challenger gear, was unreliable, and British pilots who received the early Nieuport 17s were stuck with the over-wing Lewis.



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