30 April 1916 – Nieuport 16s strike

Thomas Frederick Boyd Carlisle

Thomas Frederick Boyd Carlisle

Flight Sergeant Thomas Frederick Boyd Carlisle from 1 Squadron RFC was up in his Nieuport 16 (Al16) when he got into two separate combats with enemy Aviatiks near Houthem. He managed to hit both aircraft, but ran out of ammunition. Carlisle noted that the 47 round drum on his Lewis gun was too small and with a larger drum he believed he could have shot them down.

His 11 Squadron colleague Captain Laurence Arthur Pattinson had more luck. On patrol in A117 he came across an enemy aircraft attacking a BE2c near Ecourie-Douai. He attacked and the aircraft was seen crashing out of control by local British forces. This is the first confirmed victory for a British Nieuport 16.

David Tidmarsh

Meanwhile, 2nd Lieutenant David Mary Tidmarsh from 25 Squadron downed an enemy Fokker without firing a shot. He dived on the enemy aircraft from 4000ft to attack. The Fokker dived to escape and at about 1000ft the pilot appeared to lose control and crash into some houses near Baupaume.


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