27 April 1916 – Nieuport 16s in action

1 Squadron RFC has finally seen some action in its new Nieuport 16 Scouts. The aircraft is essentially an improved version of the Nieuport 11 with a 110hp engine instead of the 80hp engine. This makes the aircraft nose heavy and more difficult to fly, but regardless it is superior to the Fokker Monoplanes. The aircraft were originally ordered by the RNAS but have been transferred to the RFC.

As the British do not yet have a production synchronisation gear, the aircraft has an overwing Lewis Gun.

Cyril Foggin

At around 9.30 this morning Lieutenant Edward Pellew Plenty got into an inconclusive fight with an Albatross at 13000ft over Messines. Later on around 4pm 2nd Lieutenant Cyril Edgar Foggin fought another enemy Albatross. He claimed to have hit the fuselage and seen the aircraft go down but this has not been confirmed. Foggin was also wounded when his aircraft was hit and wood splinters hit him in the eye, but he was able to fly home without incident.

Foggin is one of the Britain’s early aviators having gained his flying certificate in 1912 and served as an NCO pilot with the RFC in Egypt in 1915.


One thought on “27 April 1916 – Nieuport 16s in action

  1. sethspeirs Post author

    In 1912 Foggin ordered a new aircraft from the Blackburn Aircraft Company. The aircraft, subsequently known as the Blackburn Type D Monoplane, is Britain’s oldest airworthy aircraft and part of the Shuttleworth collection.



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