23 April 1916 – Double double-barrelled

2nd Lieutenants William Charles Mortimer Phelan and William Archibald Scott-Brown of 11 Squadron RFC were on their way to escort a photo-reconnaissance mission in their Vickers FB5 (5079) when they were shot down east of Arras. Mortimer-Phelan made a forced landing east of the lines and both men were taken prisoner.

Lieutenant William Evan Collison and 2nd Class Air Mechanic Geoffrey F Atwell from 25 Squadron were on patrol near Estaires in their FE2b (5210) when they came across an enemy Albatross. The dived to attack but were hit by anti-aircraft fire and Atwell was wounded. Collison was able to nurse the aircraft back to base, but by the time he got there Atwell had died of his wounds.

Also killed today was Lieutenant Alan Wilmot Davies of 17 Reserve Squadron who, while descending, crashed his BE2c (2594) into the Avro 504A (4063) of Lieutenant Oliver Cyril Godfrey. Godfrey was injured but not seriously.


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