16 April 1916 – Earle and Berthold

9 Squadron lost two more crew today. 2nd Lieutenants Wallace Sinclair Earle and Cuthbert William Prideaux Selby were on patrol in their BE2c (2097) south of Maurepas, France when they were attacked by Rudolf Berthold in his Fokker E.III (411/15).

Berthold (in the light jacket)' and his ground crew in front of 410/15

Berthold (in the light jacket)’ and his ground crew in front of 411/15

Earle and Selby were shot down by Berthold for his 5th victory. Their plane crashed and Earle was killed. Selby was badly injured losing his left arm and breaking both his legs. Selby was also taken prisoner.

Wallace Sinclair Earle

Earle was born in Belleville, British Columbia. He worked as a Land Surveyor before joining the 6 Company. Divisional Engineers shortly after the outbreak of war. In 1915 he transferred to the Royal Flying Corps.

Cuthbert Selby at Winchester before leaving for Sandhurst

Selby in contrast left Winchester school early to enter Sandhurst in April 1915. He was then commissioned in the Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment but was quickly seconded to the RFC and at the age of seventeen went to the front in France as an observer with 9 Squadron.


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