10 April 1916 – Bogeys laid

The Fokker aircraft captured on 8 April has now been moved to St Omer for testing. OC Hugh Trenchard came to view it yesterday and mechanics and pilots from various squadrons have been visiting to view the aircraft and assess its worth. Some test flights against RFC aircraft are being carried out. 2nd Lieutenant Cecil Lewis, serving with 3 Squadron records this description of one of the tests:

The captured Fokker

“it was perfectly orthodox, and there remained only to put it up against a British Scout to judge its performance. The Morane Bullet was chosen and the two machines were run out on the aerodrome, side by side. All the General Staff assembled to watch the tests. Both machines took off together, and it was immediately clear that the Morane was all over the Fokker. It climbed quicker, it was faster on the level, and when the machines began a mock fight over the aerodrome, the Morane had everything its own way. A cheer went up from the ground. The bogey was laid. .. It did a great deal to raise the morale.”


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