3 April 1916 – Zeppelins go North

Not content with the major raid on 31 March/1 April, Zeppelins have continued their attacks over the last couple of nights. 

The night before last L11 and L17 set out to attack London but strong wings forced them to abandon this mission and continue up the North-East coast. L17 was forced to turn back after reachinghte English coast with engine trouble, dropping bombs harmlessly in the sea.

L17 came inland south of Sunderland dropping bombs on Ettleton Colliery, Hetton Downs and Philadelphia causing minor damage but no injuries. L11 reached Sunderland at around 11.20pm and dropped 21 bombs on the city killing 22 and injuring 128. 23 building were destroyed and a further 66 had to partially demolished. Another 212 buildings suffered minor damage. L17 then flew on to Midleborough and at around 12.05 dropped bombs on the city causing minor damage. The l17 then headed out to sea dropping the last two bombs on Skinningrove Iron Works with no damage. Four RNAS and three RFC aircraft took off to intercept, but none spotted the Zeppelin.

The raids continued last night when L14 and L22 and L16 made the furtherest inroads North when they attacked Scotland.

L14 appeared off the Scottish coast at about 9.30pm. Failing to find the naval docks at Rosyth, L14 dropped 20 bombs on Leith at about 11.30pm. Five bombs damaged Edinburgh Dock and Albert Dock. Robert Love was killed when a bomb hit his flat and David Robb was killed by another bomb. £44,000 worth of damage was done when a bomb destroyed Innes & Grieve’s bonded warehouse and its whisky.

L14 then reached Edinburgh and dropped 24 bombs A bomb exploded on the roof of 39/41 Lauriston Place causing serious damage – the occupants escaped unhurt but David Robertson was killed by flying debris. A bomb at 183 Causewayside injured six people and caused a 74-year-old woman to have a fatal heart attack. Another bomb wrecked the White Hart Hotel, injuring four people and a further bomb dmaged the County Hotel in Lothian Road. Turning back over the city, L14 dropped further bombs. One hit 16 Marshall Street killing six and injuring seven. Another at 69 St Leonard’s Hill killed Cora Bell, and injured her mother and younger sister. L14 went back out to sea at about 1.00am over Cockburnspath.

Zeppelin L.22came inland north of Berwick-upon-Tweed at about 9.00pm. The Captain dropped 28 bombs but these fell harmlessly in fields. By the time L.22 approached Leith, L14 was already bombing at a much lower height so L14 stood off. Further bombs dropped on Slateford, and Bridgend without any damage. At about 12.40pm L22 went out to sea over the Firth of Forth near Portobello. 

L16, approached from further south coming inland over Druridge Bay, Northumberland at about 11.00pm. L22 then headed South and West until attracted by flares burning at the High West Houses aircraft landing ground. L16 dropped 23 bombs there without causing any damage. Peterson then turned north-east, dropping 11 more bombs on Cramlington airfield at 11.50pm causing some minor damage. L.16 then headed back northwards before dropping seven bombs near Broomhill Colliery at 12.15am. Five minutes later L16 headed out to sea over Amble. Two RFC aircraft went up from Cramlington but failed to intercept L16 and one was wrecked on landing.



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