22 March 1916 – Murdered

The new MP for East Hertfordshire, Mr Noel Pemberton-Billing, made a scathing attack on the Government and its handling of air policy today in the House of Commons. Mr Pemberton-Billing was elected on 9 March as an “air” candidate, with strong views on how air power will secure the Empire. His claims of expertise come from the fact that he recently resigned his commission in the RNAS to run for Parliament and that he was an early investor in the Supermarine aircraft company. He advocates the creation of a separate air force, unattached to either the British Army or the Royal Navy. He has been particularly vocal against the Royal Aircraft Factory and its products and today deplored the poor quality of British aircraft in his speech:

“Every one of our pilots at the front knows when he steps into them that if he gets back it will be more by luck and his skill than any mechanical assistance that he will get from the people who provide him with the machines…I would suggest that quite a number of officers in the RFC have been murdered rather than killed.”


2 thoughts on “22 March 1916 – Murdered

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