13 March 1916 – 4 Squadron CO killed by Immelmann

Max Immelmann claimed his 10th and 11th victories today. First, at around 1255 he shot down 4 Squadron Commanding Officer Major Victor Annesley Barrington-Kennett who was flying his Bristol Scout (4678). Thomas Walter Colby Carthew, formerly a flight commander with 2 Squadron has bene appointed to replace him.

Later in the afternoon, he also shot down Lieutenant Gilbert Dennis James Grune and 2nd Lieutenant Brian Edward Glover of 8 Squadron in their BE2c (4197). Their plane crashed and both men were killed.

8 Squadron also lost 2nd Lieutenant Michael Amyes Julian Orde and 1AM P Shaw, in a BE2c (4151) when they were shot down in a fight with Fokker 411/15 piloted by Rudolf Berthold. In this case the crew landed behind enemy lines and were taken prisoner.

Also killed today was Lieutenant Cyril Wynward Battye of 32 Squadron. He was on a training flight in a Vickers FB5 (5623) near Netheravon when his engine failed and he got into a nose dive and crashed.


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