9 March 1916 – Turner ‘s luck runs out

2nd Lieutenant Ralph Poole Turner of 1 Squadron escaped injury yesterday, and was out again today in his Morane N (5069). His luck ran out today, however, as he was shot down and killed by an LVG CII of Artillerie Flieger Abteilung 213, flown by Vizefelfwebel Arthur Groschler and Leutnant Patheiger near Hollebeke in Belgium. Groschler wrote to a friend describing the dogfight:

“on March 9th, 1916, south of Ypres, a French Morane-Saulnier single-seat fighter shot down in aerial combat with English Lieutenant Thurner (Turner). He was killed by a shot(s) to the chest. (The combat) began at a height of 2,400 meters, to 100-75 meters before we ended the combat by killing Turner.” 

Also running out of luck were 2nd Lieutenants George Edmund Heygate Fincham and 2Lt Graham Price of 6 Squadon. They were out on an artillery registration mission when their BE2c (4181) was attacked by a Fokker monoplane over Ypres. Price was killed immediately and Fincham was killed in the subsequent crash.

2nd Lieutenants Leo Roy Heywood and Douglas Byron Gayford of 20 Squadron wer marignally more luck as they were short down in their FE2b (6356) by another Fokker near Annapes. They crash landed and were taken prisoner.




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