22 February 1916 – Snowstorms


Cuthbert Trelawder Maclean

Heavy snow has kept many aircraft grounded today. One of those that did get up will be rather wishing they hadn’t. Captain Cuthbert Trelawder Maclean and 2nd Lieutenant John Ashcroft Barraclough of 25 Squadron were up on patrol in their FE2b (6343) patrolling near St Omer. The weather got so bad that they were forced to land near Delette, upending the aircraft in the process. The aircraft was written off but both were lucky to escape with minor injuries.

The aircraft was the second of four “gift” aircraft presented by the Government of Zanzibar. It had been immediately allotted to 25 Squadron on 12 January 1916. The other three were also allocated to 25 Squadron.


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