10 February 1916 – 9 Squadron RFC in the action


Thomas Earl Gordon-Scaife

9 Squadron saw the only action today. At 11am 2nd Lieutenants VAH Robeson and Thomas Earl Gordon-Scaife attacked a Fokker whilst on reconnaissance in their BE2c (2018).  The combat was inconclusive however. At around the same time Lieutenant R Egerton and 2nd Lieutenant BH Cox also got into a fight with a Fokker in their BE2c. They came off worse and made a forced landing behind their own lines at Roisel. Both escaped unharmed.

Also in the area on reconnaissance were 2nd Lieutenants Cecil Faber and Reginald Arthur Way, also in a BE2c (4132). They got into a fight with two Fokkers. They hit the first Fokker but were then attacked by the second. Both men were wounded and they lost control of the aircraft and fell to around 2000 feet before levelling out. At around 12pm they struggled across the lines and returned to their airfield.


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