30 January 1916 – RFC Reorganises

The expansion of the RFC on the Western Front has finally reached the point where additional formations other than Wings are needed to ensure the Corps is able to carry out its work effectively.

Today the RFC was divided up into Brigades – which will support each Army. Each Brigade is made up of two or more wings. Importantly at least one wing will be responsible for reconnaissance, photography, and artillery co-operation on the immediate front of each army. Another will cover reconnaissance work beyond the area covered by the corps, which had special interest for the army commander

Since, too, the air work for the army head-quarters called for aeroplanes of extended radius of action, those of the highest performance and most fitted to fight for their information were attached to the army wings. Each brigade includes an aircraft park and a kite balloon squadron and is, in effect, a self-sufficient air unit.

Today the following Brigades were formed:

  • I Brigade, commanded by Brigadier-General E. B. Ashmore, comprising 1 and 10 Wings
  • III Brigade, under Brigadier-General J. F. A. Higgins comprising 3 and 12 Wings

II Brigade, grouping the Second and Eleventh Wings, will form shortly.

Two squadrons (12 and 21) have been retained at RFC headquarters to carry out special strategical and patrol work required by GHQ.


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