25 January 1916 – Busy, busy, busy

Another busy day on the Western Front with 15 combats reported. That said no planes were lost or victories claimed.

Captain W Alcock of 2 Squadron sums up a typical day:

“Left ground at 7.45 with Lt. Rice on 2685. Reached the lines, called up GS, but engine seemed to be not giving her revs, so we did not cross the lines. Some time afterwards the engine pegged out and we just managed to reach the aerodrome. Examining the engine we found a large piece out of the cylinder which had entered the crank case and broken the piston. 1 1/4 hrs

(2nd sortie)
Art Reg on Lens with Lt. Rice with 111th Battery. Fought Albatross. I saw him trying to cross the lines North of La Bassee, so we gave chase. He turned East, we cut him off giving a drum at 500 ft as he passed over. My Observer gave him another drum from the rear bracket. He then doubled back and we gave him three more drums and the tracers were seen to enter the fuselage and engine. His engine stopped apparently hit, and he planed towards his aerodrome. We chased to behind Hulluch but owing to being shot about, shortage of ammunition and loss of height, we returned to our lines. Bransby Williams thinks he saw the Hun land behind Lens. We returned to our Artillery Reg. Also straffed two captive balloons behind Lens. 3 hrs”

(3rd sortie)
Art Reg with Lt. Rice on Lens. One of the Sausages (observation balloons) was apparently hit by us in the morning for it was hauled in by the afternoon 2 3/4 hrs


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