18 January 1916 – J1 takes off

Following the short hop on 12 December the Junkers J1 took its first real flight today at Döberitz. Gefreiter Paul Arnold of FEA 1 was in the pilots seat. During this first flight the J1 reached an altitude of 80m (260 ft), following a 200 m (660 ft) takeoff run. The problem was that the variable incidence stabilizer had been incorrectly set, in the mistaken belief that the J1 was tail-heavy. Later that day, after the stabilizer’s incidence adjustment was corrected to give level flight trim, Leutnant Mallinckrodt made another attempt, this time reaching 900m (3,000 ft), with a shorter takeoff run than before. The in-flight handling of the J1 is considered acceptable, and it is stable in flight.


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