19 January 1915 – Nott’s landing

Today was another extensive day of action with another 11 combats from 6 different squadrons. In an early test for the new DH2, Captain Hereward De Havilland (the younger brother of aviation pioneer, Geoffrey) of 18 Squadron, got into a fight with an Aviatik over Bois Grenier. The combat was inconclusive and de Havilland reported that his aiming had been impeded by being unable to see the tracer through the sight.

Meanwhile, Captain G Henderson and Corporal C H Nott of 15 Squadron were on patrol near Courtrai-Mouscron in their BE2c (4123) when they were attacked by a Fokker and a number of Aviatiks. Nott was hit in the eye and rendered unconscious during the attack. A little while later he recovered his senses and at once opened fire with his gun, and succeeded in driving off the enemy aeroplanes. Without his bravery they would likely have been shot down.


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