17 January 1916 – Multiple Fights

Since the order to begin formation flying on the 14th, the previous two days saw little action. Today, however, was a completely different with over 20 combats from 9 different squadrons being reported.

Captain EO Grenfell of 1 Squadron was on patrol in his Morane N (5068) near Menin-Houthulst when he was attacked by 2 Fokkers. He drove one off in a dive and forced another to land. He followed this up by attacking an Albatross C type without success. Finally he attacked another Fokker and saw it go down.

Earlier in the day his colleagues 2nd Lieutenants W Watts and CC Hayward were shot down and killed by Anti-Aircraft Fire in their Morane LA (5113) over Wytshaete.

9 Squadron suffered their first casualty as 2nd Lieutenant RB Jenkins was shot up in his BE2c. He returned to base but later died of his wounds.

15 Squadron also suffered its first losses when Captain VHN Wadham,and Sergeant Piper were shot were shot down in their BE2c (2105) over Bapaume. Leutnant G Leffers of FAb32 has claimed the victory but this is unconfirmed.


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