28 December 1915 – Christmas is definitely over

The Christmas cheer is most definitely over as today saw nine combats reported to RFC Headquarters., though the only victory of the day was achieved by the RNAS.

2nd Lieutenants G L Fitt and M Head of 8 Squadron were on reconnaissance over Sancourt in their BE2c (2670).  They were attacked by Oberleutnant E Althaus of KEK in his Aviatik and shot down. Both men were killed.

18 Squadron also took its first losses when Lieutenant E J Strover and 1AM W Holden were shot down in their Vickers FB5 (2343). Striver managed to land the plane and both were taken prisoner.

The only British success of the day was reported by 1 Wing RNAS IN Dunkirk when Flight Sublieutenant JBP Ferrand and 1AM Oldfield shot down an enemy seaplane in their FBA Flying Boat (3113) near Westende. They ended up in a combat  with four aircraft and saw one crash into the sea and sink.





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