23 December 1915 – 15 Squadron to France

15 Squadron RFC flew to St Omer today to start its tour at the front. It is mainly equipped with BE2c’s, supplemented with a few Bristol Scouts,

It was first formed at Farnborough on 1 March 1915 as an RFC training unit, commanded by Major Philip Joubert de la Ferté.

In April 1915 the Squadron moved to Hounslow where it remained for a month before moving to Swingate Down near Dover. During this time the Squadron was tasked with home defence duties, but continued to train for deployment to France.

Around this time the Squadron began to re-equip with additional BE2c aircraft. In September 1915 Major Edgar Ludlow-Hewitt took command. However, in November 1915 he was succeeded by Major H de L Brock.

The Squadron will move to before moving to Droglandt shortly where it will undertake a reconnaissance role in support of Army, IV Corps.


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