14 December 1915 – Insall shot down

2nd Lieutenant Gibert Insall and his observer 1st Class Air Mechanic T. H. Donald of 11 Squadron were shot down today whilst on patrol in their Vickers FB5 (5074).

During the patrol they sighted a German machine and pursued it deep behind enemy lines. During the engagement, Donald was shot in the leg and the petrol tank hit. After the German machine made off, Insall tried to return to his own lines but an anti – aircraft star shell exploded underneath the aircraft and a large fragment blew through the aircraft hitting Insall in the base of the spine. Although at times he lost consciousness he was able to land the aircraft but was captured immediately.

The day saw fourteen combats reported including Captain O M Guest and Lieutenant A D Bell-Irving who were shot down by a Fokker in their BE2c (2080). This was unusual as they were west of the lines at the time and consequently were able to land. Both were wounded and taken to hospital.


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